Craft Beverage

At MUN CPAs we take an active approach in the lives of our Craft Beverage clients. We have the expertise and experience to take away the worry that comes from financial statements, tax planning and tax returns.

Our job is to allow our Craft Beverage clients to focus on  growing their business and spending time with their families knowing we have their back when it comes to running the business.

While most CPAs focus on the tax return, we put an emphasis on Quarterly Planning from May to December. Our belief is that if we can meet with you 3 times during this period we can review and resolve your business and tax issues before year end so that when it comes time to do the tax returns all questions have been answered and you know where you stand.

In addition to planning we can assist you with:

  • Quarterly Tax and Business Planning
  • Review of Proper Business Structure (Incorporation)
  • QuickBooks setup, Training and Consulting
  • Analysis of Company Financial Statements
  • Assistance with Debt Consolidation Preparation of Company Budget
  • Realestate and LLC’s
  • Business Valuations

Our Craft Beverage clients look to us for more than just a tax return. Most business owners don’t have a Board of Directors to bounce ideas off of and our goal is to fill that need of our clients and act as their trusted advisor. Our goal with the Quarterly meetings is to review your financials, minimize your tax burden, review business issues and by doing so we get our Beverage clients working on their business not in the business.

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